Blount Country, AL – Abandoned Bridge

Blount Country, AL – Abandoned Bridge

Where? This old truss bridge is located in Blount County (Garden City), Al on The Black Warrior River at Mulberry Fork. It used to be part of hwy 31, but hasn’t been used since 1960 when the new bridge opened. Coordinates are 33.9942 -86.7510 . You park at the white fence and start walking towards the bridge.

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Trail Length? You can see the bridge from where you park and it’s definitely less than a 1/2 mile.

How hard are we talkin’? The road to the bridge is paved as well as the bridges itself. There are stairs on the left side of the bridge that lead to the ground below and you can walk out to the water.

Can you swim there? I wouldn’t. This area would be great for paddling, but the boat launch is across the river. You can actually see it from the bridge.

Any other details? There are no signs that say “no trespassing”, “keep out” or “private property”. It’s a beautiful metal bridges with peeling paint and graffiti. There’s a tiny tree house looking structure below that I’ve seen attached to a lot of old Truss bridges. You can tell that people fish here often and there is a fair amount of litter unfortunately. There are several covered bridges worth seeing in Blount County in close proximity to one another. Check this out for more.

Leave no trace: This would be a great place to bring a trash bag to fill with litter. There is a lot that people leave and that gets washed up when the river is high.

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