Warrior, AL – Abandoned Bridge

Warrior, AL – Abandoned Bridge

Where? This is in Warrior, Alabama next to the Warrior, Kimberly Bridge. Google Map It

Trail length? You can hang out underneath the bridge or along the water’s edge. There’s a rocky area where people set up chairs and fish. The trail goes as far as you want to go down the Black Warrior River. I didn’t go more than a mile, but you can tell people fish here and use the trail fairly often.

How hard are we talkin’? If it’s rainy or muddy-hard, otherwise easy.

Can you swim here? I wouldn’t recommend it. The water is moving pretty fast and it’s kinda trashy. I saw a rolling pin attached to a fishing line hanging from a tree. I don’t even know how that happens. Worm containers and fishing lures are abundant. but it does make me wonder what’s in the water.

Any other details? I’m not even sure if I recommend coming here. It’s a cool place, but it gives me the creeps, even on a sunny day. Two of the three times I’ve visited, there have been other people here, but there is something unsettling about the place.

If it’s been raining it’s going to be muddy and not the kind of muddy you’re used to. If you plan on walking the narrow trail that leads along the river’s edge, your shoes better have the best traction on the planet and then some. Metal spikes would be helpful. I spent 10 minutes slipping and sliding my way up the smallest incline to get to the other side of a ditch in the trail. I clawed my way up that embankment like I was in a horror film.

I don’t recommend going alone. People do come here to fish and it would be a great place to kayak. Each time I’ve been here, the water has been moving more quickly than a beginner would feel comfortable with.

Apparently it’s a great place to fish and look for old glass bottles because I see a lot of both. There are a lot of good photographic opportunities.

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