Five Mile Creek

Five Mile Creek

Where? Technically Five Mile Creek is 45 miles long, but the stretch I’m talking about is in Graysville and includes an abandoned bridge. Coordinates: 33.6632, -86.9738. There is a sign that says you have to get a permit from the city to use the area. Google Map It

Trail Length? A lot of people canoe/kayak this stretch. I’m not sure how long the trail is because I only went maybe a mile downstream. The road the bridge crosses is called Old Hwy 78. I don’t know where that goes either.

How hard are we talkin’? This can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. There are some rocks on the opposite side of the water from the trail that look like they would be fun to climb, but that’s a steep hill. If you stay on the trail, it’s narrow but not difficult to navigate.

Can you swim there? It’s moving water, but it would be a great place to get in. Wear a life vest because it’s not a swimming hole and the water moves fast enough to knock a small child off their feet. The water is NOT deep enough to jump off the bridge.

Any other details? Five Mile Canoe Company will rent their canoe’s for the day as well as drop you off and pick you up. Their website is Their rental rates are 40$ a day for a canoe and 30$ for a kayak. it’s less if you bring your own. They will only charge you for a shuttle. I spoke to a police officer and asked about the permit. He said it isn’t needed unless you are camping overnight.

Leave no trace: Please take a trash bag with you. If you camp there, take your trash bag with you and don’t leave trash in the fire pits.

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