Leeds, AL – Abandoned Bridge

Leeds, AL – Abandoned Bridge

Where? Somewhere over the Cahaba River. Ha! Look up 1675 Floyd Bradford Road on maps. There are several places to park on Floyd Bradford Road (parking lots/warehouses). I wouldn’t park on Morgan Street/Morgan Rd etc. These streets are in a small trailer park and there isn’t any place to park that isn’t on the street or in someone’s yard. Coordinates: +33.55527, -86.61418 33°33’19” N, 86°36’51” W.

Google Map It

Trail Length? This depends on where you park your car, but it’s definitely less than a mile. An alternative is to take a kayak or canoe, put in somewhere in Trussville and you would eventually get to it, but on the map it looks like several miles from a put-in point to the bridge. From the bridge you could keep going a little ways and potentially be picked up at 33.5461-86.6134 which his on HWY 78. Water levels would need to good if you don’t want drag your boat a lot because there are several spots that are shallow and rocky. But hey, if you do this, please let me know how it went. http://flowpage.alabamawhitewater.com

How hard are we talkin’? If you go during the winter months when there is no kudzu, besides being a little steep, it isn’t hard at all. I wouldn’t take the walking route during the summer months because the place is literally covered in kudzu. We did notice a lot of briars along the way and we got hung up several times, but the total walk from our car to the bridge was probably 10 minutes.

Can you swim there? It’s not deep enough, but you could wade there. The water is moving pretty quickly though and the rocks are slippery.

Any other details? I’ve already mentioned the potential of Kudzu during the summer months, but I should also mention that I don’t know who owns the property around it. I know the power company likely owns the path the power lines follow, but this bridge used to be attached to a road, so maybe the state/county still owns it and maybe if you pay your power bill, you can walk underneath the power lines? Okay, don’t listen to me on the legalities part. Just be careful, courteous and if you get caught, don’t mention my name.

Leave no trace: There is enough trash underneath all those kudzu vines without you adding to it. Please take out what you bring in. 🙂

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