Tumbling Rock Cave

Tumbling Rock Cave

Where? Jackson County, Alabama. You will need to apply for a permit to get exact directions. scci.org to get a permit.

Trail Length?  This cave length is 6 miles long! Start early if you want to get to the end.

How hard are we talkin’? We went in the middle of the summer with shorts, t-shirts, headlamps, one flashlight and cell phones. We didn’t wander too far through this cave because we weren’t prepared. It isn’t difficult, but you do need an adequate amount of light and back-ups for your back-ups.

Can I swim here? Nah…you will wade through knee deep water at some point, but not a swimming hole for sure.

Any other details? Bring flashlights, power bank for your phone, headlamps with extra batteries, helmet, pants, a change of clothes and a towel to leave in your vehicle, water, snacks. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have bright lights and plenty of it. It’s pitch black in the cave with no skylights until you get to the very end. The cave entrance is on private property and it’s monitored. You have to have a code to unlock the heavy iron gate that was installed at the entrance to the cave. You unlock the lock, then lock yourself in. It’s the same 50 something degrees year ’round so that part is really nice! We saw a few cave crickets, a good bit of water and a salamander!

Leave no trace: Please don’t damage or kick over any of the cave structures. They are beautiful and everyone should be able to see them. Please avoid carving your name or anything into cave walls. It serves no purpose except to ruin the natural beauty of the cave.

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