High Falls Park, Alabama

High Falls Park, Alabama

Where? 969 County Road 144 Groveoak, Al 35975  Put High Falls Park, Alabama or the address into Google Maps or your phone map and that will get you there.

Trail Length? As soon as you park, you can hear the falls. There is a short trail on both sides of the falls that take you to the bottom of the falls. Both are less than a mile long.

How hard are we talkin’? It’s an easy paved walk from your car to the falls. If you stay on that side of the river and go to the bottom of the falls, it’s a short, steep walk. If you cross the bridge and follow that trail to the bottom of the falls, you get a much better vantage point for pictures and there is also another waterfall if you continue on that trail for a short distance. There is a rope that will aid your descent to the bottom of the falls. It’s not scary and you don’t need to be particularly athletic to attempt this.

Can I swim there? YES! People swim, wade and kayak here. There are many signs warning you to be very careful. People die  jumping off the natural bridge and hitting their head on the rocks, but many people jump and live, so just be careful and wear a kayak helmet and a life jacket.

Any other details? This place is very close to Buck’s Pocket State Park, Griffin Falls, Hippie Hole, Martha Falls and several others, making it easy to see several cool places in one day. The hours are 10am-6pm. There is no alcohol allowed<—(excellent guideline for any waterfall.)

Leave no trace: This place wasn’t very trashed especially for a waterfall in a rural area of Alabama. The property owners clearly make every effort to keep it this way. Please take everything out with you INCLUDING your cigarette butts. For some reason, people don’t think those count. Better yet, if you could wait until you leave to light up, that’s even better. 🙂

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