Hurricane Creek, Tuscaloosa

Hurricane Creek, Tuscaloosa

Old Birmingham Hwy
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
United States

Coordinates: 33.21459807400643 -87.44457585153623

It’s about an hour drive from Birmingham, Al.

Trail Length? There are several miles of switchbacks and 15 miles of bike trails.

How hard are we talkin’? I don’t know. I was only there for the creek! I spoke with several locals and someone who advocates for Friends of  Hurricane Creek, Creek Keepers. According to them, the bike trails go along the ridgeline and the walking trails are  switch backs. To get to these trails, you park in the parking lot for Hurricane Creek and walk back the way you drove in to the parking lot and look for an opening in the tree line where the trail heads start. Let me know what you think if you go!

Can I swim there? Yes! This is a great place to swim and wade. The creek is wide with a rocky shore on one side and a sandy shore on the other side. You can walk or float down the creek for a couple of miles, with only a few deep spots. I don’t know where it comes out, but you could always take your phone, float down the creek and drop a pin to an Uber when you get tired.

Any other details? This place seems to get pretty crowded during the summer. Go early on the weekends. I hear it’s not nearly as busy during the week. Wear shoes! They have done a great job of cleaning this place up, but we did find pieces of glass bottles in the water. Of the pieces I picked up, only 1 piece still had a sharp edge to it. The others had been smoothed out by the water.

It’s a great place to have a picnic so pack a cooler and trash bag.

Leave no trace: I went to my car and got a plastic bag and filled it with trash. People can be so careless. A family sat and ate their Mcdonald’s meals and left the burger wrappers, fry boxes, and dipping sauces sitting there for the wind to carry away.  Also, cigarettes are litter too. If you have to smoke (and consider refraining around large crowds of people and children in public places) please take your butts with you.

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