Pirate’s Island on Coosa River/ Lake Logan Martin/

Pirate’s Island on Coosa River/ Lake Logan Martin/

Where? This tiny island is on Lake Logan Martin (The Coosa River runs into and out of this lake. Upon doing some quick research, many people refer to it as The Coosa. Google Maps even has it marked as The Coosa River, so we’ll go with it. I had no idea until today. The approximate location is 33.5021658, -86.2607686 . Take out the comma to copy and paste coordinates.

We left from Pine Harbor Marina in Pell City, Alabama in a pontoon boat traveling between 25-33mph. it took less than 5 minutes to get there. You will see a pirate flag, a beach area, palm trees and the whole thing is around 50 x 75 feet, yet typically swarming with boats, so you can’t miss it.

What is it? From what I’ve read a woman bought it for her husband for his birthday and they’ve been sharing it with people ever since. He originally named it “Grand Island”, but the locals preferred Pirate’s Island so they caved and embraced the preferred name. Here are a few more details and the source for my information if you’d like to read: https://discoverstclair.com/st-clair-outdoors/pirates-island/

Details you may care to know: There is a grill with metal hot dog/marshmallow sticks hanging on a nearby tree, a fire pit, hammock, a few chairs/benches, and even jumper cables in case you should find yourself in need. The shallow area around the beach is marked off with a rope and big orange buoys.

When is a good time to go? This place has been packed every time we’ve passed it this summer. “Good” depends on your perspective. If you like hanging out and meeting people, any weekend or holiday during the summer is a great time to go. If you’re not a people person, I guess very early morning, weekdays or winter would suit you.

Leave no trace: Everyone does an amazing job keeping this place clean. When we arrived, there was a trash bag hanging on a tree and only a few cigarette butts next to the fire pit. Please do your part to help keep this place clean. In other words, if your kid downs a can of Pringles and brings you the empty can with no lid. Ask about the lid. Find it. Don’t leave it on the ground or assume they threw it away.


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